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very lovely game :)

What a sweet game! I liked the contrast of the 8-bit art style contrasting the attention to detail you give the descriptions of things, like when looking out all the windows, it makes the game feel simple but deep at the same time. I also think every book in the library needs its own game, and especially Merry and Bug need to go on an adventure together! :)

Un poco corto pero muy bonito y entretenido. 😊

A very short and sweet pixelated adventure!!

hi there! I just found your game today and it’s adorable. Its just a perfect little moment in time and made me feel like I was part of Merry’s little town. Loved it and really hope you will make more (and longer!) games soon! 

It was a short but it was so enjoyable and warm! I loved the game. 

Short but sweet.

That's look cute!!

this is lovely :+)

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Is the paid game longer than the web demo?

Nope, exact same game. The paid version is just a rom you can download in case you want to play the game away from the browser.

Expected a dark twist, got a sweet and cute game. Loved it, good job!

This game is so sweet and darling! I love the art style