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I have all these but iv'e got no idea where to get the remining coin and trophies. Little help please?

Ok! The top one that's missing is for collecting all 10 pieces of wool. I think you've already found all of the missing sheep, so try going back to the Pasture and talking to all the sheep again to find any that you haven't sheared yet.

For the other two trophies and the remaining coin, try going back to the Graveyard. If there's a ghost still wandering around, talk to it, and then talk to the gravedigger again. That should set you on the right path...

Let me know if you still need any help after that. :)

Iv'e got everything except the last bone. I think the dog has it but I have no way of getting it

Ah, for that you'll need to visit the NPC who is taking care of animals. If you use the fast travel system (by jumping into one of the puddles in front of a shrine), travel to the "Blue Witch" and then go one screen to the right.

I ment as in this bone. This is the only place that seems to have a bone left on the map and the mutt won't let me have it for 100%

Ohhh. You actually can't get that one. (Sorry, that's a little confusing huh.) Have you crossed the underground river beneath the graveyard? There's a bone down there.

do you consider any turkish translations in the game? please lmk if you do, i'd love to do it!!

Hello, sorry for taking so long to respond! That would be cool! Please send an email to (dotmoonbugs at gmail dot com) if you want to discuss.

Literally everything I could have ever have wished for in a game, I enjoyed being a cute lil frogy! A very heart warming game! :3

We need a dotmoon frogy farming game <3 !


Very tempting idea...

Really chill experience, but with the mental load of building and maintaining the map of all prior engagements and sightings in your head. I know I could have just picked up the map from that gut, but that would have been *cheating* ;)

delightful little game. it made me smile a lot, thank you.

Came in with no expectations, super chill experience, the constant stream of intrigue to kept me to the end.

i can’t find the witch’s familiar in the south woods!! i have everything in game except that and i’m assuming that’s how i get the last music player so i can get the crystal :-(


Here's a hint: Start by going to the Hedge Maze, then walk directly down/south from there. Keep going down/south until you hear some mysterious flute music. If you still can't find them, please let me know!

turns out i had that one i think? i have the snake with a flute and dog with a lute, i cant find loppu the rabbit to give him wool

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In that case, head to the first screen of the Pasture instead, then go east/right from there. Keep going until you can't go any farther.

thank you!! i swear i looked everywhere

my struggle was def worth it this is such a cute game! i feel accomplished

What a nice little game! Thanks for making this :)

When I go to options, then press [Esc] or right-click, it crashes. (Macbook Air mid-2012 macOS Mojave)

The error message:

I then just avoided doing that. It was lovely. Such cute, minimalistic, but rich characters and world. The sound and music was very nice as well. Great work!

I'm so sorry about that. If you put the game in your Applications folder before running it, it should fix this issue. (But please let me know if not.) I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the game, thank you so much for the kind words. :)